Mission Statement

The mission of the Corpus Christi Cycle Club (CCCC) is to raise awareness of bicycling in our community and to promote cycling as a healthy, alternative lifestyle for both recreation and transportation. We strive to promote both bicycle and motorist education and safety in the Corpus Christi area.

The Corpus Christi Cycling Club members are a driven group of individuals who are dedicated in a united effort to promote camaraderie to the membership that enhances fitness and cycling skills. Our members actively support city and state governmental policies that help to improve cycling and city infrastructure to improve quality of cycling.

Prime Directives: Safety, Education and Unity on all levels of cycling, from the professional level to the beginner. Our club supports and includes all types of bicycling.

Our club members actively support the future of on and off road cycling through our work with the Hike and Bike Trail/Parks and Recreation Department, the Bicycle/Pedestrian committee, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and other committees and projects promoting cycling in the Corpus Christi area and Texas. Ultimately, we want to improve and enhance mobility, safety and accessibility through cycling within and around the Corpus Christi region.

We further affirm that we are dedicated to establishing and developing bicycling youth training programs within our community as well as our unyielding support and dedication to such charities as Conquer the Coast and  Cycle Kids.

About Us:

Corpus Christi Cycling Club founded on, November 19 2011, at the Vietnam Restaurant located at 701 North Water St. Corpus Christi Texas. The organization began with a diverse group of community base individuals such as lawyers, doctors, law enforcement, military, business owners, healthcare, education department, just to name a few. We are people with different backgrounds and a shared interest: A commitment to raise awareness of bicycling in our community and abroad and promote cycling as a healthy, alternative lifestyle for both recreation and transportation and improve the quality of cycling within our city and surrounding regions.

“Improving our quality of life by pedaling forward to a healthier community and cleaner environment.”

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