4th Annual Hurricane 100


DATE: Saturday, May 30, 2015
TIME: 6:30 am
PLACE: Lamar Park Shopping Center
EVENT: 30 mile, 65 mile and 100 mile course, $5 donation for SAG

On Saturday, May 30th, we will kick off the hurricane season with the “4th Annual Hurricane 100″. This is a 100 mile ride around the bay (see map in this post). The ride also has a shortened 65 mile course.

All riders are welcome.

This ride will be a fully supported sag ride with 2 sag stops for the 65 mile group and an additional 2 sag stops for the 100 mile group. Sag points are designated to stop at the Ferry, Aquarium, River and Rann Morgan Rd. Remember to bring your lights for the early weekend start time.

All riders will start at Lamar and travel around the bay (counter clockwise) and travel over the Kennedy causeway bridge to Port Aransas. The 30 mile group will stop short of the Kennedy Causeway Bridge and regroup, then head back to Ennis Joslin, to the North Gate at the Naval Airstation and head back to Lamar Park. The 65 and 100 mile groups will cross the Kennedy Causeway bridge and travel as a group to Port Aransas. We will get on the Ferry at Port Aransas and continue traveling through Aransas Pass, Ingelside, Gregory, Portland to the Texas State Aquarium/Harbor Bridge. At this point, the course will split and one group (65 milers) will take the water Taxi across the bay to American Bank and down Ocean Drive back to Lamar. The 100 mile group will go from the Aquarium through the Joe Fulton corridor to the RIver and back to Lamar.

Around the Bay

The ride will cost everyone $5 to be donated for sag support and $3 if you are taking the water taxi. All riders should be at Lamar at 6:15 am to group up and pay the sag rider. We will start the ride promptly at 6:30 am sharp! Remember to bring your lights for the early start.

Ride leader’s will be announced for the 100 mile, 65 mile and 30 mile routes.

We hope to see everyone there for this fun group ride!