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Merry Christmas to you and your family.

The Corpus Christi Cycle Club would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and many blessings for the coming year. May you be safe on the road well traveled and prosper in your endeavors.


What may be the ride of a lifetime- Warriors on Wheels

November 11, 2014, what a day for most of us and what a week for the “warriors”. This had to be one of the most incredible rides I have ever been a part of, I only wish I had what it took to ride the entire trip with these cyclists. I can only try to convey to those that didn’t participate what they missed. Every town we entered, and some with several stops, had a great turnout of people with cheering by all, the outpouring of love toward these heroes was incredible. Children sang songs, wrote personal letters, and made dedications to each. Donations were awarded to help those that risk their lives for us as they gave their all for us, this was the least that should be done.

Nothing was going to stop the warriors from completing their task which, this time, was a trip across Texas. The weather wasn’t even considered as a deterrent, let alone illness or injury. As support riders, we witnessed a hard crash by one of the warriors. This amazing man was riding a standard road bike even though he had sustained rather severe injuries serving our country. The fact that he was able to ride was a testament to his desire to overcome his injuries. The hard fall on the asphalt left him sprawled in the middle of the road and, for the moment, unable to move. What amazed me was what happened then. This man, without hesitation, jumped up with a sign of determination and almost anger in his face to get back on the bike. He had obvious injuries not to mention road rash and I think this man would have gotten back on the back even with broken bones. This would have been the end of the ride for most all of us, but then you have to remember how unique the person was. This was nothing compared to the years of pain he had already endured from his war injuries not to mention his desire to continue in life.

The entire day was humbling, left me close to tears and feeling unworthy of the Warriors on Wheels jersey I so proudly donned. Those that truly supported the warriors were allowed to don the jersey. We had to apply and be accepted to have the opportunity to ride with this group plus pay for the position when approved. If any of you ever get the chance to do this ride, don’t pass it up, you will remember this for the rest of your life, to have this honor and share a day with these incredible folks was worth many times more than what we paid to participate. Ken Ham


2014- In brief, too much to summarize

We continue to successfully support our community whether it be breast cancer, diabetes, obesity or offering life changing programs. We serve quietly and with our hearts. We run tens of thousands through our account to make South Texas a little better place. We only pray that we can make a difference, we aren’t looking to pat ourselves on the back. We are here to serve….

We look forward to riding with our TLC,and Iquack friends and embrace the idea of competing as one group when out of town. We are proud of the association with these groups and recognize that South Texas will benefit from a joint effort from all.

Congratulations to the cyclists that participated in the Tour de Gruene as there were numerous CCCC and TLC cyclists on the podium. Corpus Christi cyclists did well and we should be very proud of them.
2014 was great….2015 should be even better!!
Good luck and be safe….


About us

We are dedicated to the continued improvement of cycling and safety to all area cyclists while making a difference in our community. A special thanks to all for your continued support.

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