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North Hillcrest Circuit Loop

Departure Time: 6:15 p.m.- During Daylight Savings Time
Location: North Loop Nueces Street, Corpus Christi

Come and join us on the Tuesday night north side (Hillcrest) circuit ride. This ride is now in full swing. Over the summer months we will be working with cyclists to continue to refine and grow this ride. Your support is encouraged. The city of Corpus Christi will continue to improve this loop if they see lots of cyclist using it!



The route will will start heading east to West Broadway heading southeast to Burns St. heading northwest to Nueces St. and back to port. The loop is approximately 1.25 miles. You have a few options when meeting at the loop. Some riders leave Lamar park at 5:30 to meet there at 6pm. Others start at Brewster’s street lot The ride is currently starting at 6:15 pm at the loop itself (Nueces St.), or if you prefer, 6 PM from Brewster’s street lot.

We hope you enjoy this short video of the loop!