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1st Annual Corpus Christi Cycle Club Time Trial Series

Dates: Tuesday, June 5th, 12th and 19th
Place: London School
Time: 4pm check-in registration. Scheduled Time Trials will begin at 6pm sharp.

Course: 8.8 mile point to point course on standard TT bike.Eddy Merckx Style riding with your road bike is also accepted if you do not have a time trial bike.

Cost: CC Club members pay $5.00 per race or $15.00 total for the series. You may register at every event. Non-members may participate, and register before race day to be insured.  You may register as a non-member on race day, but will not be covered on our club insurance until the following week’s event.

This is an insured event by the CC Cycle Club. In order to participate, non-members may register pre-race day for $45 ($25 for full time students)  which includes an individual membership to our club and registration fee for the time trial series. (3 events included)

TimeTrials will begin at 6pm sharp. Registered riders will have a TT start time announced at registration check-in.

INFORMATION: Come and see how fast you can blaze the course! This is a great opportunity to see how well you can time trial, prepare for an upcoming time trial such as the Texas State Time Trial or just have fun. Prizes will be awarded to ‘best predicted times’. There is a warm-up course along Farm to Market Rd. 43. The TT will begin at 6pm at the 4 way stop at the corner of FM to Market Rd. 43 and 665. The course will take you west on 665 through an S-curve to County Rd. 69. Take a right off FM to Market Rd. 43 for 1 mile on 69 then another right onto County Rd. 24. The last turn is exactly 1 mile from the finish. Timers will be placed at the start and finish to record times. You may then cool-down back to London School. The course measures 8.77 miles.

All registered participants will get a race number and start time at the 4pm check-in at the London School parking lot before your warm-up.

You may use your TT bike or road bike with aerobars.  Helmets are required.

Practice example of TT course (2011)

Click on Course Map

Predicted Time examples:


Online Registration: (Please fill out the following information prior to race day)

Click here to register online with Paypal (Non-members)

Click here to register online with Paypal (CC Cycle Club Members)

see our Flyer

**Remember, you can also register for each race or the entire time trial series on race day at the 4pm check-in if your are a CC Cycle Club Member.  Due to our club insurance policy, ALL RIDERS MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THIS EVENT.  Again, if you are not a CC Cycle Club member, you  CAN REGISTER HERE ONLINE before race day. (see registration above for non-members).  Remember, NON-MEMBERS CAN ALSO REGISTER ON RACE DAY, BUT WILL NOT BE COVERED BY OUR CLUB INSURANCE ON RACE DAY. IF YOU PLAN TO REGISTER ON RACE DAY.  HOWEVER, YOU WILL BE COVERED BY OUR CLUB INSURANCE FOR THE NEXT EVENT.

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