Board of Directors

President-Past: Kenneth Ham
President:  Peter Staneland
Secretary: Beth Dushman
Membership: Jeff Edmonds
Treasurer: Joe Delgado
Public Relations:  Jim Caldwell
Corporate Sponsors:  HEB, Valero, Grainger Co.
Ride Committee (CTC) : Joe Steele
Webmaster: Al Kline
Mountain Bike (MTB) Director: Jason Comstock
Open Director Pat O’Connell
Special Events Director: Dolores Staneland
Assistant Events Director:
Advisory Board Members: Peter Standeland, Gretchen Arnold, Michael Bertuzzi

One thought on “Board of Directors

  1. Tommy says:

    I would like to make a suggestion regarding the club’s Facebook. I think the club should create a Facebook GROUP as opposed to your current Facebook PAGE. I find that the dynamics of a Facebook GROUP is better than a Facebook PAGE as a GROUP has a more streamlined member experience. Members will be able to JOIN the GROUP instead of hitting the LIKE button of your current PAGE. Please look into it. Many thanks!

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