April 2012 Club Meeting

About 30 members showed up to enjoy appetizers and drinks at Kiko’s and to hear club updates. Thanks to everyone who showed up! There were a few items of business, so here is a brief summary:

Tom Neagli updated us on the Corpus Christi City committee on the city mobility Plan and Safe Passing Ordinance. Tom and other cyclists are pushing to have a passing law instated for cyclists: cars will have to give cyclists 3 feet, and large trucks will have to give cyclists 6 feet.

Tom encouraged us to make our voices heard, especially throughout the next election cycle on May 3rd at noon at the city courthouse.

Despite poor weather conditions, the Republic of Texas Triathlon in Corpus was a success. Hopefully races like this will bring both tourism revenue and visibility to cyclists and athletes in Corpus Christi.

Janet Lee spoke to the group about the iQuack CC Southside Cycling group. Her group leaves from her house on the Southside of town (contact Janet for directions and parking information, or post on the CC Southside Facebook group). The group leaves promptly at 6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All riders are welcome, and everyone should show up prepared with tires pumped and extra tubes, water, food, etc.
The ride is about an hour and someone always waits for the last rider, so this is a great beginner, recovery, or coming-back-from injury ride. There are a few sprints, but the riders will regroup. Come prepared for some of Janet’s great stories and a safe ride!

Aaron Haspel has started a “B-level,” no drop ride on Tuesdays, from the Town and Country shopping center on Alameda, departing at 5:45 pm. This is a no-drop, no-attack ride. The pace will be 15-18 mph. We need cyclists to captain the tandem for Wayne Genzer. We are going to try to organize more of a schedule so Wayne can ride more consistently. If you are interested in being a captain, you can ask Tom Neagli about it (he has a lot of experience), or contact me to get more information. Please consider helping us all out by helping Wayne keep riding.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the meeting, and to Marcus and Kiko’s for catering and hosting the event.



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