‣ April Member’s Meeting!
POSTED BY BICYCLECC ⋅ April 07, 2014

When: Monday, April 14th, 6:30 PM
Where: B&J’s Pizza - 6335 S Padre Island Drive

Publication1Please join us at B&J ‘s Pizza for our first members meeting of the year! We have some great things to unveil to our members as well as getting new ideas from our membership.

This is also a time to renew your membership and also to find out more about our club if you are new and would like to join.

There will be complimentary pizza served.

Please share this invitation with any cyclist that would to learn more about our club.

‣ Wed Night Hammerfest Time Change
POSTED BY BICYCLECC ⋅ April 07, 2014

When: 6:00 PM (Changed from 5:30 PM)
Where: Lamar Park - 3850 S Alameda St (corner of Doddridge & Alameda)

The Departure time for our weekly Wednesday Night Hammerfest will change from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM effective this Wednesday, April 9th. We hope this change will take a little bit of pressure off those trying to make the ride after work!

‣ Inaugural Tuesday Night North Loop Ride

POSTED BY BICYCLECC ⋅ March 31, 2014

When: 6:00 PM, Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
Where: Lamar Park - 3850 S Alameda St (corner of Doddridge & Alameda)

Please join us for the inaugural Tuesday Night Ride North Loop from Lamar Park. This is a no drop ride !! We will proceed to the North loop right outside of downtown. It is a brand new paved loop that is extremely smooth, free of pot holes and chip seal. The Corpus Christi Cycle Club and the City have been working on this for some time . We would like to thank all those that helped get this done.

Tell your friends!!

See you at Lamar at 6pm on Tuesday, April 1st!

‣ Post-Valentine’s Day Fun Ride

imageWhen: 7:30 am, February 15, 2014
Where: Coffee waves at 5738 So. Alameda location.

Join us for a 10-20 mile fun ride followed by complimentary coffee and cupcakes. Awards will be given to the best dressed cupid. There will be a group ride thereafter heading to the river for extra miles.

Go to our Facebook Events Page for more information.

‣ Texas Bike Racing

tbr-logoThere is a new cycling website in our beautiful state of Texas! “The state’s newest and most comprehensive cycling website. Second only to California, Texas has the largest number of USA Cycling members. Our goal is to provide a faster, timelier, content-richer, better-designed resource than anything currently available. On top of our priority list is fast and accurate results (with the help of our promoters, we hope to post same-day results), along with race calendars, Texas-specific feature articles, team and rider bios, epic photos and video, tech reviews, training and nutrition tips, plus a “Riders’ Retreat” forum and classified area.”

Come and check out this new site and spread the word.

Go to Texas Bike Racing

‣ MTB Rides Announced for December 2013

MTBJason Comstock, who heads our MTB project, has announced the start of MTB group rides. The group rides will meet at the Cinema 16 parking lot, southwest corner, closest to Williams Drive. The rides will commence every Wednesday and Thursday evening, beginning on December 18th. This will be an easy pace cruise through the newly mapped Oso Creek region. Everyone can meet at 5:30pm. Be sure to bring your lights and gear!

Jason has announced:

“The MTB group ride has been going on for a few weeks now and is growing in its attendance every time. The rides are scheduled on wed/thurs evenings starting at 5:30 and have typically gone for 1.5 hrs ( an hour and a half ,mileage varies based on speed and how many stops we make) . I would estimate the total mileage to be between 10 and 20 miles , this varies based on the speed of the group and how many loops we make of a given area. The pace has been fairly mild on these rides. When we get to a given loop area everyone is welcome to go at there own pace and then we regroup. This is a very non technical ride and requires minimal skill. It is VERY advisable to have at least a commuter light. As with any cycling endeavor it is advisable to wear a helmet. Ride at your own risk. I am happy to answer questions about mnt bike skills during the ride.

Hope this helps….My # is 361-232-9122 if you have any questions.”

Weekend Group Rides

roadbikesBe sure to make time to ride with us on the weekends! Every weekend, we have a number of group rides to choose. We start most of our group rides every Saturday at CVS on the corner of Saratoga and Everhart at 7:30 am sharp. You can choose your distance of 25, 50, 65 miles!

Rocky Mountain High Altitude Cycling Camp

RockymountaincyclingBoulder, CO., May 7, 2013 – Located at an elevation of 8,300 ft. above picturesque Nederland, CO., Colorado Cycling Camp offers experienced bike racers, juniors, and casual yet serious riders an opportunity to benefit from high altitude training. At the Colorado Cycling Camp, participants not only reap the advantages of physiological adaptations, but for those unfamiliar with mountain riding, it’s an opportunity to learn techniques for ascending, descending, cornering, and honing one’s skills for both road and dirt riding. Participants can train around 12,000 ft. and race a number of road, mountain or cyclocross events in and around Denver, Boulder and Golden. You may also find yourself rubbing elbows with several of the local pros!

The area offers some notable climbs including Sugarloaf, Flagstaff Mountain, Lefthand Canyon, Lee Hill, Magnolia Road, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Training on these well known climbs will enhance confidence, result in cardiovascular improvements, and increase one’s VO2 max. This combination of improvements helps athletes with endurance, strength and overall performance.

The camp is open from May through January. Registrants may enjoy a Sunday through Friday session or opt for a personalized, flexible plan priced on a daily rate. Lodging, meals, and guided routes are provided. Visit for more information.

The camp curriculum is developed by Aldo Sfalcin, a former Elite Senior 1 rider with numerous road and track victories throughout the U.S. and Canada. Having dedicated his life to cycling, his wins came early as the Ontario and Canadian Junior Road Champion and continued through his championship win at the U.S. Collegiate Sprint Championship and as a bronze medalist at the Road Masters World Games.

Aldo has over 50 years of cycling and racing experience accompanied with 30 years of coaching road and track riders. He is a NCCP Level III coach for road and track and a Level II nationally certified road and track course instructor. He has developed Provincial and National road and track champions from infancy who have represented Canada at World Championships and other international events. He was the Director Sportif for the Canadian National Team in France for single day and stage races.

In addition to his accomplishments on the road and as a coach, Aldo is a licensed race official in Ontario, Canada, and owner, promoter, and organizer of Canada’s oldest criterium – Tour di Via Italia. He has also been instrumental in organizing a host of other events within the road and mountain bike arenas throughout Ontario. He helped launch the Maple Leaf Cycling Club of Windsor which is enjoying its 28th year anniversary this year. He is also the owner, manager, and coach of the Alabama Cycling Camp.

Working along side Aldo is Renee Schroeder, the camp manager and wife to Aldo, with credentials that consist of seven-time Ironman finisher, including the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, multiple medals at U.S. Track Nationals, Michigan state track cycling champion , Colorado state track cycling champion, and podium finisher at the World Masters Games for track.



Aldo Sfalcin
720.347.9290 – phone


‣ Low T and Cycling

imageIt’s probably crossed your mind, if you’re a 50-year-old masters cyclist, trying to get that competitive edge. Even though you have a day job and cycling is just a hobby, you still long to be a “competitive cyclist.” You’ve been so close to that definitive break, but just not strong enough to take that winning sprint. You’ve seen the ads for men using testosterone cream for a condition called “Low T” or low testosterone. Could using a testosterone cream be the ticket to better performance?

Read more . . .

‣ Foot Biomechanics and the Role of Custom Orthotics in Cycling

imageProper equipment in cycling is as important as proper training. Most of us are always looking for a little more speed and certainly more power, so we can get a lighter bike frame and a proper bike fit. However, while shoe inserts and custom cycling orthotics are not often thought of as ‘cycling equipment’, they could certainly improve foot-to-knee alignment and increase overall power and pedal efficiency.

Read more . . .

‣ The Ghost Bike Project

ghostbikeprojectArtist Genea Barnes began researching and photographing over 500 ‘ghost bike’ memorials first discovered while shooting photos in New York in May 2010. ” I started The Ghost Bike Project because we can pass a memorial hundreds of times and eventually forget that it is there to commemorate a human life. I combine photos of Ghost Bikes with images of live people, shot in my studio and manipulated through Photoshop to look like ghosts. The resulting images remind us to keep each other safe and represent a spirit that is no longer with us.”

Many ghost bikes that she has photographed over time have been removed. The artist hopes to save these images and compile them in a book to memorialize those who have lost their lives while cycling.

Go to Genea Barnes Blog and read  the Chronicles of the Ghost Bike Project for more information.

© Original artwork (graphite pencil)  by Nicole J. Kline, copyright – all rights reserved.  Visit artist website

© Corpus Christi Cycling, 2014


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